Michelle Named As One of LinkedIn's Best Connected

Michelle Named As One of LinkedIn's Best Connected -

Michelle Beckett

Lancaster alumna Michelle Beckett has been named as the best-connected woman in the UK in the non--profit sector.

She is also the third best connected overall from millions by LinkedIn.

Michelle (Theatre Studies, 1992, Cartmel) runs a new start up social enterprise and charity called Talentpledge that connects and brokers business relationships on behalf of good causes. 

She stated, 'I’m delighted to have been named as LinkedIn’s best-connected woman in the third sector. Reaching out and networking plays a vital part in the success of Talentpledge and its work in supporting other non-profits. I have found LinkedIn invaluable for forging meaningful relationships across a number of sectors and organisations.'  

The list comes after LinkedIn’s ‘Career Confidence’ research showed that as many as 4 in 10 UK women (43%) feel uncomfortable networking with people they don’t know - compared to 33% of men - which could be holding back their careers. 

Michelle shared one of her key tips. 'Be bold – find the people you need to engage with on LinkedIn and don’t be shy about reaching out to them. Start the process of relationship building and you’ll find it does wonders for your business or career.'