Paul Carroll Marries Helen Slater

Paul Carroll Marries Helen Slater -

Paul and Helen on their wedding day

Paul Carroll (MSc Engineering, Pendle College, 2007) married Helen Slater (Psychology, Grizedale College, 2006) on 11 April 2015.

Paul and Helen met in the classy establishment that was the Carleton (!), in the November of 2005 and became an official item on New Year's Day 2006.

They married in Wigan (from where they both originate) and were lucky to have friends and family surrounding them, including many friends from Lancaster, one of whom was a bridesmaid - Emily Corney (Music, Lonsdale College, 2006).

They went on a short break after the wedding to New York and intend to go on a longer honeymoon in Summer.

Paul and Helen currently live in Bury, Greater Manchester - Paul works as a Transport Systems Engineer and Helen works as a Primary School Teacher.