Ryan's Thai Adventure

Ryan's Thai Adventure -

Ryan Kemp (centre) in Thailand

Ryan Kemp has enjoyed great success after moving to Thailand to teach English.

He originally came to Lancaster University in 2006 due to its campus set up and chose to study psychology. After graduating in 2009, he had already started his own advertising company in the UK, but moved abroad to escape the troubled British economy and start work as an English teacher in Thailand. However, he quickly used his entrepreneurial instinct to realise there was a bigger business opportunity, and, together with a wealthy business partner, he took over the WECI Language School which works to fill English teaching positions in Thai Schools. The pair more than doubled the turnover of the business in the first six months.

Ryan learnt from his time at Lancaster that thinking positively is the key to success and that any bad or negative experiences are still learning experiences nevertheless. He spoke to the Young Entrepreneurs Society in 2009 after starting his first company and is keen to come back to visit Lancaster University and advise others who wish to embark on their own business. When the Lancaster nightclub Liquid became Elements, Ryan involved and offered a different entertainment experience to the other competitors in the town at the time.

He states that any degree is relevant for the teaching work and his quality of life now is far superior to prior to him moving abroad. He would encourage any entrepreneurial graduates who yearn to escape the typical nine-to-five to contact him and find out more at wecibusiness.live.com