Student Start-Up - The First Six Months

Student Start-Up - The First Six Months -

Chris and Lee Celebrate Their First Six Months of 'Baraft'.

Chris Jones and Lee Williamson started their business in their final year of a Lancaster BBA course.

The company, Baraft, which was launched in December 2012, is an online nightlife discovery and social commerce website that aims to encourage users to find new nightlife experiences through purchasable incentives.
Baraft was developed from the insight that people regularly slip into nightlife routines and don't experience everything their city has to offer. Baraft aims to break this routine and enrich social lives by working with selected partners with unique selling points that could be positioned as incentives to the users.

In the first six months they have established Baraft in both Manchester & Leeds and developed an impressive portfolio of partners from local independents to national companies. They have partnered a range of different nightlife venues, events & experiences to provide users with value and variety. Baraft is going from strength to strength having built strong relationships on honesty, a fair revenue model and results which has led to recommendations and referrals. They are now planning to expand into strategically chosen cities throughout the UK.

Throughout the process of launching Baraft, the graduates have had to constantly overcome challenges. They are willing to share their experiences with other young entrepreneurs and can be contacted through their LinkedIn page