Thomas Makes Waves

Thomas Makes Waves -

Thomas Roberts

Thomas Roberts (Computer Science, 2013, Cartmel) shares how his time at university allowed him to make waves in the development community.

“When I started university, I knew I had an interest in computer science and web development, but –like most people that age – I didn’t really know how exactly that would translate into anything ongoing in my life. As it turns out, it’s not only developed into a promising career, but also shaped my interests and activities outside of work – and my time at Lancaster Uni helped me to carve that path.

Studying Computer Science at Lancaster, I was introduced to a number of different elements of the computing world – from networking to software engineering to learning different programming languages. Some things I enjoyed and others I didn’t like so much, but going to university gave me the opportunity to explore my options.”

The skills and knowledge that Thomas developed at Lancaster, as well as the interests that were sparked there, mean that he has always easily found employment as a developer, both immediately after graduating from university and following his return to his native Liverpool. They also led him to develop ‘Bloc’, a rapid frontend prototyping system which has revolutionised the way his current company, EdgeThreeSixty, works and delivers projects.

Thomas is the Development Team Leader for EdgeThreeSixty, a role in which he oversees and manages the work and activities of the company’s development team.

“My time at university not only gave me the technical skills and knowledge that I utilise every day in my work, but also the confidence and communication skills to work within this kind of environment and bring my own innovations to the table. Without this, I don’t think I would have introduced Bloc to my current company, which has benefitted us not only technologically, but in terms of profitability too.”