Toby Retains His Connections With Lancaster

Toby Retains His Connections With Lancaster -

Rory Daly (Placements Manager, LUMS) with Toby Stanbrook

Toby Stanbrook is a partner and Head of Accounting and Outsourcing for Mazars, an international advisory and accountancy partnership.

On leaving Lancaster in 2000, Toby Stanbrook (BBA European Management with French, Pendle ) thought that he would retain a few key things and not a lot more; a great experience, some enduring friends, a recognised degree and some vague concepts of life skills. And indeed, for many years this was true. Beyond the odd magazine and request for funds his relationship with Lancaster was little more than a short spin around the ever expanding campus when visiting friends. But as he grew a little older and reflected on some of the challenges of the financial crisis, it occurred to him that universities could play a pivotal role in helping companies develop themselves and that there was scope for a mutually beneficial relationship between the company where he is a partner, Mazars LLP and Lancaster, in particular with the Management School.

This role is more than simply having good people that to employ, but a wider relationship that encompasses four key areas:

Employability – with such a competitive job market it is essential that students gain work experience and are ready for the world of work. Working with business – by applying research in a practical way and combining this with professional support, they can help businesses grow and develop. International development - the increasing level of international business in both the finance and University sectors means they can share developments and create opportunities for overseas students. Organisational learning – both for LUMS and Mazars; the capacity to learn from each other gives them an advantage over our natural competitors.

By working in partnership with like-minded individuals at Lancaster both organisations are benefitting both from the perspectives of resources and service development. As for Toby personally, it has been also very enjoyable to spend more time in Lancaster and reintroduce himself to the reasons why he had such a great time there first time around.