Travels With My Bike!

Travels With My Bike! - Angelos Georgopoulos
Angelos Georgopoulos embarked on a project to travel the world on his bike in October 2015

"After a wonderful time in LUMS where I studied for an MSc Human Resource and Knowledge Management, I spent 4 months in a Post-Masters scheme in Bilbao, Spain, studying International Management. Then, in Greece, I decided I wanted to become a teacher instead of continuing the management career path, so I entered the university once more to study Elementary Education. Now, I am writing my thesis on Comparative Education, while visiting schools around the world.

In October 2015, I left Athens, Greece on a quest to travel around the world with my bicycle. I passed through 9 European countries and then from Paris I landed to Boston, where I cycled across the Atlantic coast of the United States, to reach Miami. I then took a flight to Bogota, Colombia, and then went south till Buenos Aires, Argentina. In December 2016, I was in Lima, Peru, having passed from 13 countries, counting 10.000 km on the road. The trip so far has been a very rich, intense and rewarding experience. Meeting people from different countries, social status and walks of life, along with the opportunity to spend some time with them is a desire partly created in the multicultural environment of Lancaster. Living a nomadic life is something I had never experienced before and certainly something I cannot describe in words. Camping and spending time in the outdoors, sleeping alone into the wild, or on a local's patio sharing the dinner. I've been spending time in New York and in never-heard-before villages in the Balkans or in South America where people offer a host as I pass by, enjoying the Amazon Jungle, hiking in the Andes and swimming in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Above all, though, cycling slowly, observing my surroundings, talking with locals, enjoying our world one pedal at a time. Next stops: Africa, China, Russia!"