Will Develops Business for Banana Moon

Will Develops Business for Banana Moon -
Will Nicholls (Geography, 2008, Cartmel) talks about his retail success with Morrisons and now Banana Moon Clothing

"Let’s be honest, when you head to University do you truly know in which career direction you are heading; perhaps a select few of us do? University, namely Lancaster, helped shape me from an ‘educated’ to rounded individual with the aspiration to succeed in whichever career I chose. That’s the key difference for me between school and University, life skills which are transferable across any career choice! Since then I have enjoyed a successful career in retail which started at Morrisons Supermarkets. Joining the graduate scheme in 2008 I worked my way from shop floor through the successful launch of .com online delivery business leading the customer service offer to thousands of new and existing customers. I absolutely loved my 8 years working in the food retail sector and if you think it's all about stacking baked beans you’re wrong, the opportunities are endless.

It was the toughest decision of my life to leave but I have teamed up with an old school friend who was successfully driving forward his family personalised clothing business. As Business Development Manager for Banana Moon Clothing we are enjoying a sustained period of growth which we are working hard to maintain. Moving from a large PLC to an SME has been incredibly good fun. I would never have anticipated the complexity of the personalised clothing business but the requirements of each customer are so bespoke and the techniques required to fulfil their order so varied making everyday a real challenge. We truly believe that our offer is the best, from leavers hoodies through to big corporate workwear contracts. The best bit for me though, the destiny of the business is in our own hands and we are having a great time trying to grow the most compelling customer proposition on the market"