Young Grad Featured in Liverpool Art Month

Young Grad Featured in Liverpool Art Month -

Jordan Rodgers

As a relatively recent graduate, Jordan L Rodgers (Fine Art, 2012, County) has already achieved much in the art world.

He has exhibited in selected group and solo shows and published in national & international art magazines and websites including Aesthetica Art Prize 2012 and 100 Contemporary Artists 2013 Anthology. Jordan was recently shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize, the UK's longest running and most prestigious award for drawing.
'My time at Lancaster gave me the skills and knowledge to actively develop a professional, commercial career selling work as a practising artist. I recently participated in Liverpool Art where this year's theme explored memory and identity; the focal point of my work highlighted the important campaign of preserving and rejuvenating the old Futurist cinema building on Lime Street. I was involved in two separate events: an open call exhibition Possible Impossibilities at Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool and I organised Recurring at Camp and Furnace, Liverpool. Possible Impossibilities focused on a selection of contemporary drawing and drawing practices in Liverpool whilst Recurring consisted of a collaboration by a new art collective formed from Liverpool Biennial’s 2012 volunteers. Having dedicated time to this international festival, I believed that we should also
support emerging, local creative practitioners and find ways to showcase our work. I found that the skills I had learnt from my degree show were particularly useful in contributing to a range of technical/administrative considerations,approaching art magazines, advertising and decision- making about type of spaces in which to exhibit. I look forward to collaborating with the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures at the University of Liverpool for an upcoming exhibition in 2013/14. This collaboration includes ongoing work specialising in architectural illustration services for architect/graphic design clients.'

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