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Oceania Alumni Groups

We have alumni groups in Oceania, with a range of events and activities for you to take part in. Find your nearest alumni co-ordinator below. 

If there is no active group near you, why not volunteer to start one?

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Alumni Network Coordinators


Alumni Coordinator: Ross McLelland

Contact information: Email Ross directly or visit the group's Facebook page.

What I'm doing now: I'm an Associate Director at Michael Page Finance, Australia.

Why I volunteer: At heart I am a big 'people person' - I enjoy organising events and meeting new people!

Ross McLelland


Alumni Coordinators: Jeffrey Ng, Haikal Bekti Anggoro and Gemal Wiradinta

Contact information: Email Jeffrey, Haikal or Gemal directly.

What I'm doing now:

Jeffrey - I am an Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer for minimal fashion Group a Transnational Fashion Company in Singapore & Indonesia. With over 80 Stand Alone Stores with 8,000sqm of Retail Space and a highly profitable online store for multichannel shopping.

Haikal - I am a Project Specialist at the Boston Consulting Group, a global company helping leading institutions in Indonesia to develop strategies and performance.

Gemala - I am working as a Project Management Officer (specialising in IT) in a state owned seaport company in Indonesia, the Indonesia Port Corporation.

Why I volunteer:

Jeffrey - I love to serve and give back some and help my Alma Mater grow.

Haikal - I simply love Lancaster so much! It makes me so happy every time I see my fellow Lancastrians and I want to help them meet their old friends and promote Lancaster in Indonesia.

Gemala - I would like to give back to Lancaster for the life-changing experience.

Indonesian group volunteers

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