Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is about understanding the needs of our place, agreeing how we can positively work together with our communities and partners to address those needs and being able to demonstrate the difference it has made.

This is what civic engagement looks like in action!

As a university we are…

  • Working with Lancashire Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities and businesses to drive economic regeneration and access government funding for regional development - the development of the Health Innovation Campus is an excellent example of this.
  • Working with partners to innovate and co-create programmes of activity to improve outcomes for communities – read more about The Beyond Imagination E3 research project and 'Connecting Kids' .
  • Student-led school engagement to support access to Lancaster University for everyone.
  • Developing trusted relationships with partners, such as our work with Lancaster and Morecambe College and a Strategic Alliance with Blackburn.
  • We raise awareness of our research and education activity and impact through the University's public events programme and the 'Lancaster Exchange' - an interactive, annual public meeting which helps to inform our civic role and provides an opportunity for the University to engage directly with our local community and stakeholders.
  • Facilitate staff representation on external boards, committees and community groups, contributing time and expertise.

What does civic engagement mean for Lancaster?

Civic engagement is a core part of our Strategic Plan and shows how Lancaster University’s work is enhanced and inspired by our location in Lancaster and the way we improve lives across the city and region as a whole.

In 2019, Lancaster University joined the Civic University Network pledging to work with other civic partners such as local authorities, the health sector, businesses, third sector, colleges and our communities. By working together, this pledge has the overall aim of improving local employment, addressing skills needs, driving economic growth, improving public health outcomes and strengthening of our communities.

For any civic engagement enquiries, contact:

Sarah Rees – Head of Stakeholder Relations