Policy Engagement

What is policy engagement? Researchers use their knowledge and expertise to engage with policymakers regionally, nationally and internationally – all with the aim of developing policy solutions and creating a transformative impact for society.

Policy engagement at Lancaster University

Lancaster has several initiatives to engage with Parliament and Government.

  • Open Innovation Partnership
  • Industry and Parliament Trust

The Open Innovation Partnership links academics and other experts with a cross-governmental team to share ideas and develop solutions to policy challenges.

The Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) is a non-profit organisation that works to bring academics and members of industry in touch with parliamentarians and policymakers. Through the IPT, Lancaster University staff have the opportunity to present research to members of parliament, peers, industry representatives and civil servants through invitation-only events.

  • Knowledge Exchange Unit
  • Universities Policy Engagement Network

The Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) is a section of Parliament committed to facilitating access to Parliament for academics and experts.

The Universities Policy Engagement Network, UPEN, is a group of higher education institutions committed to increasing the impact of research on policy. UPEN provides training for those affiliated with its member universities, as well as weekly updates on policy engagement opportunities.


Contact policy@lancaster.ac.uk with any questions.

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