Digital Content Ambassador Polina


Hi, I'm Polina and I’m currently studying International Business and Strategy at Lancaster. I completed a bachelor's degree in psychology in Moscow, Russia, as well as advanced training in social media marketing.

I have always dreamed to study in England, so now I am here, at Lancaster University studying on a double degree program in cooperation with the Higher School of Economics.

In my free time, I run my own YouTube channel. I also enjoy sports, hiking, drawing, writing, and reading.

The process of creation has always inspired and fascinated me. That's why I decided to join the DCA team. Here I create videos for the TikTok account and the YouTube channel of our university. I enjoy sharing my impressions of life and studying in Lancaster because I get a lot of pleasure from literally everything that surrounds me here. Even from the British weather!

I am happy that I came to study at Lancaster, and I want to convey at least a piece of this joy to everyone.

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