My favourite spots on campus

By Michael Robson, February 2024

Barker House Farm

A relaxed, comfortable bar which serves a wide variety of meals and drinks. Located at the south end of campus, Barkers is often quiet - especially during the day and early evenings - making for a more casual, laid-back environment. I personally recommend the pulled pork sandwich, which has quickly become my usual order (often paired with fries and the occasional half-pint)!
For the competitive amongst you - and I’m sure there are a few - Barkers also sports a small selection of pool tables and dartboards. A modest collection, to be sure, but perfect for a friendly (or not so friendly) game, potentially accompanied by a couple of drinks. This is also one of the only campus bars that is open every day of the week, meaning that it always provides you with a reliable option for socialising, study, or relaxation!

Outside Barker House Farm, a college bar/ café at Lancaster University.
A pizza and fizzy drink on a café table.

The Library

As an enthusiastic student of English Literature, perhaps I am a little biased in naming Lancaster University’s library as one of my favourite spots on Campus, but it genuinely is a fantastic space to study, read, and collaborate on group projects. The space is sprawling (there are still new, hidden corners I am discovering even two terms into my first year of study) and its wide selection of books is immense.
During the day, the library, admittedly, can become rather busy - although I have never seen it so full that I could not find a space to study or read - so I personally would recommend that you explore its halls at night. The atmosphere becomes quiet, calming, almost tranquil - I myself have spent many hours in the late evening and early morning simply getting lost amongst the shelves and feeling absolutely free to do so.

The library tree area with desks and book shelves in the background.

Grizedale Bar

Rightfully one of the most popular bars on campus, Grizedale is a favourite of mine because of its inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and - most importantly - its two-for-one cocktail offer. There is a list of permanent essentials which are always included on the offer (such as the indispensable Long Island Iced Tea) and a rotating list of cocktails which changes depending on the day of the week. Due to its popularity amongst students on campus, however, Grizedale Bar is not particularly well-suited to the late-night study session - although, in my experience, I have found that it can be a fantastic spot for a bit of casual reading.

Grizedale bar, a college bar at Lancaster University campus. The bar area is located at the back, with blue bar stools and tables in front.
Outside the Grizedale College building, seating areas and benches are in front.

The Department of English and Creative Writing

No, I haven't been paid by any of my English professors to say this (although if there are any reading this, I wouldn't necessarily be adverse to the possibility) but the department's building at the head of County College is a wonderfully serene spot to explore and to study in. The building itself houses a number of comfortable study rooms, whilst the perimeter contains benches and stretches of bright, green fields that are fantastic to sit on if the weather is sunny. (Which, admittedly, isn't often in Lancaster, but that's just part of the charm!) I honestly find that this area hugely benefits my creative writing - there’s a special quality to the place that never fails to spark my imagination!

Department of English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University