9 March 2016
The Lancaster University Data Science Institute held a ‘Data Science for the Environment’ session on Wednesday 2nd March at its base in Infolab21.

The workshop began with an introduction to DSI, what the Environment theme covers and how people can get involved. Presentations were delivered on the work being undertaken by DSI's environmental theme and its plans for future research. The session was attended by over 30 academics who came together to consider how the range of skills possessed by DSI can be brought together to address the Grand Challenges facing Environmental scientists through the innovative use of data.

DSI's Environment Theme is led by Professor Gordon Blair and includes members from many different academic disciplines. Academic researchers are welcome to contact Professor Blair for further details of his group's activity. Environmental organisations are welcome to contact Dr Simon Tomlinson, DSI Business Engagement Manager for further details of how DSI works with companies and institutions to pursue its research mission.