ACM Distinguished Talk On Online Social Networks and Privacy Issues

Tuesday 11 June 2019, 1:30pm to 2:30pm


D55, Infolab21, Lancaster, United Kingdom, LA1 4WA - View Map

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Talk given by Prof Dipankar Dasgupta, FIEEE Director, Centre for Information Assurance Professor, Department of Computer Science University of Memphis

Blogging, twitting and social networking become an important part of our daily life. Studies have shown that people spend a lot of their time online such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and in other blogosphere. These web-based applications are designed to assist people and businesses alike to stay in touch, communicate and collaborate more effectively, socialise across borders and in general, maintain a second avatar in cyberspace. However, security and privacy issues are very important in OSNs and everybody should be aware of what they are posting and who are viewing these posting and images. OSNs are also being used to spread rumors, misinformation and hatred with devastating consequences. This talk will discuss how the social behavior is changing and its impact in society, risk and privacy issues.

Biographical Sketch of Prof. Dasgupta:

Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta is a professor of ComputerScience at the University of Memphis. He has more than 260 publications whichare widely being cited; a search with his name in Google Scholars indicatesmore than 15,700 citations and according to Scholar indexing1, DipankarDasgupta’s h-index: 56 and g-index: 89 and an academic search at Microsoftshows that he collaborated with 106 co-authors—extraordinary testimony to thebroad influence of his contributions within the research community. His name isin the list of top computer scientists whose h-index is above 40 (maintained byUCLA: list here

Dr. Dasgupta is at the forefront of research inapplying bio-inspired approaches to cyber defense. Some of his groundbreakingworks, like digital immunity, negative authentication, Cloud Insurance modelput his name in Computer World Magazine, and other News media. The quality andinnovation of Professor Dasgupta’s research has been widely recognized throughreceipt of grant awards nearly $15 million from many funding agencies. Prof.Dasgupta is an Advisory Board member of Geospatial Data Center (GDC),Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ( 2010, and worked on joint research projects.

Dr. Dasgupta has received Five Best Paper Awardsat international conferences (1996, 2006 and 2009, 2012, 2017) and specialrecognitions from international organizations in which he is involved. He alsoreceived several prestigious awards at the University of Memphis. In 2007, theUniversity’s College of Arts and Sciences awarded Professor Dasgupta theDunavant Professorship, a 3-year award for exceptional achievement in teaching,scholarship, service, and outreach. He has twice received the College of Arts& Sciences Distinguished Research Award (2002, 2006), the Sigma Xi ResearchPaper Award (2003), and the Early Career Research Award (1999). He wasnominated for the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA)Distinguished Scientist Award. He is the recipient of 2012 Willard R. SparksEminent Faculty Award, the highest distinction and most prestigious honor givento a faculty member by the University of Memphis. He is the recipient of 2014ACM SIGEVO Impact Award.

Due to his reputation as a top scholar, Dr.Dasgupta is frequently invited to speak (given more than 250 talks) at leadingconferences and at other universities; he has been involved in the programorganization and review structure of more than 150 international academicconferences, also serving as a speaker, panelist at many. Dr. Dasgupta is aFellow of IEEE and a Life Member of ACM. He is currently the AssociateEditor-in-Chief of Immune Computation Journal and the editorial board of 5other journals.

In addition to Prof. Dasgupta’s research andcreative activities, he also spearheads the University of Memphis’s education,training and outreach activities on Information Assurance (IA). He is thefounding Director of the Center for Information Assurance (CfIA) ( which is a NationalCenter for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE-IAE) andin Research (CAE-R). The Center has organized seven large outreach eventsduring the past ten years related to cyber security involving industryprofessionals, leading academics, and students (

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