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Framework for Community Resilience Assessment and Measurement (FRAME)

Tuesday 14 August 2018, 9:00am to Wednesday 15 August 2018, 5:00pm


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To register, please contact Professor Juliana Sutanto. 

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The FRAME workshop is jointly organized by Lancaster University, Sunway University, Universitas Indonesia, and Thammasat University. The workshop is centred on community resilience assessment.

Community resilience is a major determinant of community sustainability and its assessment is essential prerequisite for sustainable development. The assessment of community resilience provides the basis for identifying shortcomings and for guiding management decisions for the fair, efficient, and effective allocation of the resources needed to improve community resilience. An integrated Framework for Community Resilience Assessment and Measurement has been developed by the FRAME project. This framework provides guidance on the data collection and analysis of three distinct case studies in different countries in Southeast Asia (Malaysia,Indonesia, and Thailand) to establish the current situation with respect to community resilience. The three cases will be presented in the workshop that will be attended by key stakeholders such as ASEAN Humanitarian Agency,Indonesian National Disaster Agency, and AsianAgri.

Lancaster University collaborators:

  • Konstantinos Zografos, Distinguished Professor, Management Science Department, Director of Centre for Transport and Logistics (CENTRAL), LUMS
  • Juliana Sutanto, Professor in Information Systems,Management Science Department, Director of Connected Communities Research Lab (CCRL), Member of CENTRAL, LUMS
  • Marc Goerigk, Lecturer in Data Analytics, Management Science Department, Member of CENTRAL, LUMS
  • Andreas Mauthe, Reader in Networked Systems, SCC
  • Adam Fish, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, FASS

Contact Details

Name Professor Juliana Sutanto


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+44 1524 595195