Damages and breakages

The following are intended to be indicative of the normal cost of repair or replacement of missing or broken items in the accommodation for which you are responsible

All charges quoted include VAT and administration costs unless otherwise stated. The cost of damage or cleaning in shared areas will be split between ALL residents if the responsible individual can't be identified. Where any part of any room requires cleaning, these costs represent the minimum costs for extra cleaning. There may be occasions where the condition of an area is such that it requires the services of an external contractor and this work will be charged at the contractor's costs, plus VAT and administration. Damages not listed here also incur recharges, but may vary and are therefore subject to costing. Charges will be as per invoice.


Access & Security

Door Lock change: £40.50

Door Key: £22.05

Mailbox key: £5

Key Fob: £11

Key Tag: £5

Room Number: £5.50

Window Catches: £22.05

Window Handle/Restrictor: £11.60



Mirror/Shelf: £27.55

Toilet Seat/Cover: £22.05

Shower Curtain: £16.55



Curtains not on rail: £10

Furniture moved: £15

Ceiling Tile replacement: £11

Notice Board replacement: £60.65

Kitchen Cupboard Door off: £8.65


Health & Safety

Refill Fire Extinguisher: £55.10 + disciplinary fine

Replace Fire Extinguisher: £75 + VAT + disciplinary fine

Replace Fire Blanket: £27.55

Fire Exit Sign missing: £22.05

Fire Extinguisher Tag: £5.50

Fire Blanket Container: £16.55



General Touch-Ups: £18.50 per Sq. M

Paint whole bedroom: £115.75

Paint whole kitchen: £198.45

Paint whole bathroom: £88.20

Paint whole corridor: £275.65

Plaster damage: £37 per Sq. M



Kitchen general: As costed

Fridge/Freezer: £26.25

Cooker: £35

Cupboards: £5.25 each

Microwave: £10.50

Rubbish removal: £6.30 per bag/large item


En suite facility: £30

Dirty fixtures: £5.25 each


Bedroom dirty: £21

Spot cleaning: £12.60

Removal of chewing gum: £10.50

Carpet cleaning: £31.50

Curtain cleaning: £26.25

Sofa cleaning: £30


Corridor dirty: £21

Carpet cleaning: From £31.50

Spot cleaning: £12.60

Rubbish removal: £6.30 per bag
Removal of large items: £50

Window cleaning: £10.50 per side


Furniture & Inventory Items

Study Chair: £93.70

Mattress (single replacement): £99.25

Mattress (spot clean only): £20

Mattress (double replacement): £142.20

Curtains: £120 per pair

Wastepaper Bin: £11

Telephone: £22.95

Spy Hole: £11

Damage: As per invoice


Kitchen & Household Items

Table/Chair: As per invoice

Ironing Board: £22.05

Iron: £28.90

Dish Drainer: £11

Washing Up Bowl: £11

Cutlery Tray: £11

Kitchen Bin: £16.55

Bin Lid: £11

Mop/Bucket/Brush: £11.60 each

Kettle: £23.20

Grill pan handle: £18.75

Microwave: £71