Architects Impression of the new Engineering Building

New Engineering Building

John Turner Construction Group have commenced the construction phase of a new, three-storey Engineering Building as the University’s Engineering Department looks to expand.

A prestigious School of Engineering

Following great success in recent years, the Engineering department have embarked on an ambitious journey to transform the department into a prestigious School of Engineering, attracting an increasingly diverse cohort of students and new expert staff to support teaching and research at a global level.

Together with the expansion of facilities, the department will recruit 25 new staff to support the growing demand from students and industry alike due to the continued success of the department, which is highly raked in university league tables.

Architects impression of the new Engineering Building from the Spine approach.
Architects impression of the new Engineering Building from the Spine approach.

The future in the making

Engineering as an industry, thanks to the innovation it brings, is set to become the foundation for the UK's economy and prosperity. The decision to invest in the expansion of the Engineering Department, in the shape of new purpose-built facilities, and the only new-build construction project currently planned, is exciting for the University.

2900+ square metres of specialist space

The 2900 square metre new build will feature three floors of dedicated teaching space and specialist laboratories. The development will feature a Distillation Column, Material Characterisation Laboratory and 3D Lecture Theatre, enabling Engineering students to view detailed models in three dimensions. The first facility of its kind on campus.

Accessible by design

In line with the University’s minimum standard specification, the facilities within the building will be fully accessible, fitted with all the essential facilities including hearing loops, adjustable furniture layouts and accessible toilet facilities throughout the building, accessible by lift.

Prime location

Located next to the existing RIBA award-winning Engineering building on South Campus, the main entrance will be accessed from the Spine and from Farrer Avenue. The building will raise the visibility of the department from the perimeter road on campus, sitting between the newly opened LUMS West Pavilion and Lancaster Environment Centre.

Getting the right attention

The department aims to attract 25 new staff to support the growth of the department and new facilities will strengthen the appeal to highly reputable academic staff from around the world.

Sustainable planning

The project will repurpose existing space within the Science and Technology to reduce the carbon emissions generated by construction works. Space within the building will be remodelled to accommodate dedicated academic offices and space for PhD research.

Lancaster by design

The new construction will be located next to the existing Engineering building and will feature a brick façade inspired by Lancashire’s local industry and Heritage.

Additionally, its distinctive arches and frame draw inspiration from the Crystal Palace, built in Hyde Park in the 19th century to house the Great Exhibition. The aim of the new engineering building is to offer a modern showcase of the latest in engineering.

Architects impression of the new Engineering building.
Architects impression of the new Engineering building.