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Emergency Situation

In a non-ambulance related emergency, call 01524 594541 on mobile, or dial 999 or 444 from any internal telephone line to connect to the Security Reception, staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What if I urgently need an ambulance?

If you need to call the emergency services follow these steps.

If the individual requires an Ambulance they should ring 999 themselves. This is because the 999 call receiver needs to know a lot of detail that can only be given by the person at the scene. It should be noted that all porters have been issued with mobile phones and will be able to assist with this if needed.

Once it has been confirmed an ambulance is en-route contact security on 444 (internal) or 01524 594541 and inform them that an ambulance has been called. This ensures that security can meet the ambulance and escort it to the location of the incident and thus avoid any delays.

You can also contact University Security on Microsoft Teams. In the Teams search bar, search for Emergency, select Emergency - Lancaster University Security then click the Phone button.

The Security Officer receiving the call will also ask the caller to ring 999 from a mobile phone if they have not already done so. If a telephone call cannot be made from the scene, then the Security Officer will assist with this.

In all cases, it is important to let University Security know about the incident as they will be able to assist the Police and/or Ambulance Service reach the location of the emergency when they arrive, avoiding any delays.

If the fire alarms are activated University Security will automatically be alerted and they will contact the Fire Service

Security and safety

The University provides a team of trained Security Officers, led by the Security Operations Manager.

Visit the Ask Security and Safety page for additional information on what to do in an emergency, lost property issues, and dealing with disruption to classes, meetings and events.

The Security Lodge is open 24/7, 365 days of the year is located on Bowland Avenue South, near the main roundabout as you arrive on Campus. If you need to raise a security issue then you can also contact them directly to do so.