Water Hygiene Testing and Shower Head Cleaning

Our Water Hygiene servicing regime consists of 4 inspections - water testing, showerhead cleaning, thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) inspections and water tank inspections.

Click here to download the Water Hygiene Schedule‌.

Water Testing

Lancaster University-appointed engineers will require access to kitchens and bathrooms to test hot water temperatures. This brief survey will take approximately five minutes, and is to ensure that the hot water is maintained at the correct temperature to prevent any instances of legionella, which can lead to Legionnaire's Disease. This survey will be repeated once a month and is conducted in kitchens and bathrooms across academic and residential buildings.

Showerhead Cleaning

Shower heads are also removed for cleaning - to prevent the build-up of materials and bacteria, as well as to ensure their effective operation - every three months. This will take longer - approximately five minutes per shower head and will take place in every shower across campus. Please notify the Facilities Helpdesk if you are unsure if your shower has been tested.

TMV Servicing

In addition to the water hygiene testing our engineers are required to regularly inspect and service Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs). These checks are carried out to ensure that the incoming hot & cold water is being mixed correctly and that the mixing valve functions correctly. The TMV’s are generally located within communal areas and access will not be required into Student rooms.

Water Tank Inspections

Tank cleans are undertaken as and when visual inspections dictate. Access to residential areas is not required but there could be localised interruptions to water services within the required buildings.