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Scheduled Maintenance & Servicing

In order to maintain safe working and studying conditions for our students, visitors and staff, the University has a Planned Preventative Maintenance regime across all Lancaster University buildings.

Many of this planned maintenance schedule - such as Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting, Water Hygiene Testing - are legal requirements, and many others - such as maintenance of the swimming pool - are made in order to ensure that our equipment is maintained in peak condition to extract the best performance from the equipment and the best service to our customers.

Some items on the schedule may only be tested every six months, every year, or even every five years. However, a lot of the inspection work occurs on a regular monthly schedule. These are organised to occur on the first, second, third or fourth week of the month. Occasionally, a month will have a partial or whole extra week at the end, in which case none of the following tests will be performed. Or, in other words, each test will occur once per month, rather than every four weeks.