23 July 2014

Showcase event offers businesses and organisations the chance to explore collaborating with one of Europe's top environmental research centres. 

The Lancaster Environment Centre Showcase will demonstrate how businesses and organisations can benefit from cutting-edge academic research through collaborations that have led to market-leading products and innovations.

The showcase, which takes place on Thursday, September 18, from 4pm to 7.30pm, will include talks, exhibitions and a tour of the centre’s facilities. Companies will also be able to get the perspective of resident companies that are located in the Lancaster Environment Centre’s office space and hear about the benefits that result from close-proximity to world-leading academics, researchers and graduates.

Dr Ruth Alcock, Head of Enterprise and Business Partnerships at Lancaster Environment Centre, said: “The Lancaster Environment Centre is home to leading academic research in environmental science. As an organisation, Lancaster University is firmly committed to working with businesses and organisations to ensure that our cutting-edge research brings real benefits to society and commercial advantages to our industrial partners.

“The showcase event will offer an insight into the many different ways businesses can work with us, such as by locating on campus, participating in collaborative research, using our facilities or by gaining access to talented graduates. We look forward to welcoming companies to the centre and exploring future partnerships.”

The Lancaster Environment Centre contains offices and hot-desk space for 38 businesses. The centre also has a range of sophisticated facilities, such as laboratories and greenhouses, that businesses are able to take advantage of.

Lancaster University has a nationally-leading reputation for working with UK SMEs. Since 1998, the university has worked with more than 5,000 SMEs to help provide economic growth and it was ranked in the top ten of UK universities for SME-engagement by the recent ‘Encouraging a British Invention Revolution’ report by Sir Andrew Witty and this year was one of only three universities to receive a Gold Small Business Charter Award.

Places can be reserved at the Lancaster Environment Centre Showcase by visiting


More information about how businesses can interact with Lancaster Environment Centre can be found at http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lec/business/