Set up your IT Account & Upload a Photo

1. Set up your IT account

Make sure to check your junk email folder if you don’t receive this email.

Once you have signed your contract, you will receive an email asking you to register for your Lancaster University IT Account. If you have received the emails but have yet to set up an account, please go to myaccount and log in (your username and password to log in were sent to you by email), and follow the steps to:

  • Accept the University’s Computer User Agreement.
  • Receive a new University Account username, and set a password for it.
  • Check your new University Account username and password are valid.
  • Upload a Staff ID Photo.

If you do not complete these actions before you come to Lancaster it may delay your access to University systems and resources once you arrive.

Please note that you are not expected to use your account until after you arrive at Lancaster. If you do need access to Lancaster systems and services however, you would be expected to complete the Online Information Security training first. This training is mandatory for all staff and must be completed during your first week at Lancaster if not before.

If you have any questions or problems please don’t hesitate to contact the ISS Service Desk who will be happy to help.

2. Upload Photo for Staff ID

Your Staff ID Photo will be used across various services at Lancaster - such as your Office 365 photo, your Staff Directory photo, and be printed on your University ID Card.

You will only be able to upload your photo once you have set up your IT account. Please upload your photo as soon as you have set up your IT account.

Upload a photo via iLancaster here. This can be accessed on the web or downloaded as an app on your mobile device. You will need to log in with your IT account username and password and login on the Staff user profile. You will see an icon called ''University Photo Upload". iLancaster is a free mobile app delivering Lancaster University services, resources and information - at your fingertips - whenever you want them, from wherever you are. See the iLancaster homepage for more information.

Please ensure it is suitable for professional purposes:

  • Ensure that only your head and shoulders are within the frame
  • Ensure that your face is well lit
  • Look natural, to avoid the image looking staged
  • Please don't be 'creative' - no sketched caricatures, faces obscured by scuba masks, or photos of pets (these are all real examples)
  • Look into the camera
  • Smile!
  • Of reasonable size

It will be cropped to 'head-and-shoulders' format and resized to 275×345 pixels, so needs to be this size or larger. Smaller images cannot be enlarged to the required size without loss of quality.

Your University ID Card will then be available on your first day during your HR Onboarding.

Failure to do so will delay the process of gaining your University ID Card and can restrict you from accessing particular Lancaster University services.