Tasks to complete

The tasks below are actions listed on your Induction Checklist that your manager and your department will work with you to complete within the first week.

1. Safety Induction

The University, as the employer, is required by law to ensure this happens by monitoring health and safety induction practices in all areas. Your department will take you through the Safety Induction Checklist as the basis for their inductions.

2. Display Screen Assessment

The University is required to comply with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. All workstations must comply to a minimum standard. Eyesight tests, and in some cases corrective appliances, must be provided for users. The Nominated Departmental Display Screen Assessor will contact you and arrange a time to lead you through the assessment.

3. Initial PDR/Probationary Agreement

You manager will lead you through your initial Performance Development Review (PDR), helping you to set objectives and plan your work targets for your probationary period. You can find the relevant form on the PDR webpages. This will take place during your first month.