20 July 2015 11:22

Twins Emma and Catherine Rose are celebrating their First Class degrees in Biomedical and Life Sciences.

Catherine said: “I’m sad to leave and I would do it all again if I could. Lancaster feels like home to us now.”

Emma said: “We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Lancaster. We have gained confidence, independence, knowledge and an unforgettable experience from our time at university.”

As well as the same degree, the 21 year old sisters also studied identical GCSEs and A Levels at Gloucester High School for Girls.

Emma said: “It's safe to say we're very close. We both love being twins. It's always great to have someone there who is experiencing the same things you are. There are very few disadvantages except the fact that we are too often grouped as one person instead of two individuals.”

The twins lived separately in the first year as they were in different colleges, but they both switched to Pendle College so they could graduate together in the same ceremony.

Emma said: “In the second and third year we lived together off campus with friends. We often socialised with each other as we share the same friendship group.”

 The sisters are both now applying for graduate schemes.