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The project team.
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The website for the ProPerL2 project is now online!

ProPerL2 (Production and Perception in L2 speech learning) is a project funded by the Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT) and investigate foreign language speech perception and production. The project aims to contribute to our understanding on how we learn the sounds of a new language, assessing the role of perceptual and production phonetic, and the role of individual differences.

ProPerL2 is led by Professor Susana Correia (NOVA University Lisbon), with Professor Anabela Rato (Toronto) serving as Co-Investigator. The team also includes Lancaster colleagues Professor Patrick Rebuschat and PhD students Sophie Bennett and Yuxin (CIndy) Ge as well as Dr. Rui Vaz from the Camões Institute.

Lancaster University, NOVA University Lisbon and the Camões Institute are founding members of the Heritage Language 2 Consortium (HL2C), a strategic international partnership to promote the study of bilingualism and second language acquisition and teaching.

To find out more about the ProPerL2 project, please visit the project website. To learn more about the Consortium, please click on the following link.

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