How we use your information

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To communicate to you as an eligible graduating student in relation to you and your guests attending your graduation ceremony. This could include by email or by phone. Public Task
2. To create a log of access requirements for you and your guests so that we can make the necessary adjustments in the ceremony. Public Task
3. Inclusion of your name and type of award (Bachelor Degrees) or Programme of Study (Higher Degrees) in the Graduation Programme (including those graduating in absentia). Public Task
4. If you graduate in person, your name and type of award will be read out in the ceremony prior to you walking across the stage. Public Task
5. To send graduation tickets to your college or home address (Bachelor degrees) or to your home address only (Higher Degrees). Public Task
6. To contact you by email to complete a post-graduation feedback survey. Legitimate Interest
7. Your photograph will be taken as you cross the stage. This photograph will be available to view and purchase after the ceremony. Legitimate Interest
8. Crowd shots may be taken by University photographers at the ceremony, celebrations or around campus. These may include images of you and your guests. Legitimate Interest
9. For smaller group or individual shots around campus, the photographer will ask you to complete a consent form which is then retained by the University. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform the photographer. Consent
10. A live feed streams graduation ceremonies onto screens on campus and on the internet. This is purely a live mechanism and the filming of the ceremony is not retained by the University after the ceremony with the exception of the official DVDs supplied by the University’s appointed supplier. Students, guests and staff seated in the Great Hall should be aware that they may appear on this recording. Legitimate Interest
11. The official DVDs are available to purchase after the ceremony by graduates, guests and the public. These are purchased from our official filming supplier. Legitimate Interest
12. We may have TV companies or press teams present to film and interview our Honorary Graduands, other VIPs or to film interest stories. If you do not wish to appear in the filming, you should maintain your distance from any filming that is taking place or inform the filming team. Legitimate Interest
13. Appropriate photographs and films of these events may be used to promote the University and may be used in future promotional materials including in printed or electronic format, websites, multimedia productions, course materials or prospectuses. Legitimate Interest
14. To facilitate the assessment and improvement of services that the University offers, to assess the effective management of the University and to ensure the efficient running of the University via internal and external audit Legitimate Interest

Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)