How we use your information


No Purpose Legal Basis
1. Communicate to you as a previous customer informing you of any promotions, services, events or activities. Consent
2. Send invitations for events or activities. Consent


No Purpose Legal Basis
1. The administration of payment for events, conferences and guest room bookings held with us. Contract
2. To respond to your requests for VAT receipts for expense purposes. Contract
3. Provide refunds where appropriate. Contract

Contact Details

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. Send confirmation emails containing essential information regarding your booking. Contract
2. Send you contract agreements. Contract
3. Obtaining feedback on our services using email or telephone calls. Legitimate Interest
4. Respond to enquiries to establish a confirmed booking contract. Contract
5. To communicate on a regular basis on the status of your booking and to discuss changes. Contract
6. Establish the main contact for the organisation placing the booking. Contract
7. Contact you as a previous bookers to establish if your booking will take place again on a regular occurrence. Contract
8. Inform you of any construction work taking place at the University which may impact your travel. Contract
9. To facilitate the implementation of the Lancaster Conferences App. Contract


No Purpose Legal Basis
1. Create specific catering menus to support your dietary requirements. Contract
2. Allocate specific guest room types if you have declared mobility needs. Contract
3. Procure specialised support equipment. Contract
4. Inform the Security Department in case of emergencies to support emergency services efficiently. Contract

Information System Services (ISS)

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To set up the room with the required AV equipment as detailed in the booking agreement. Contract

Internal and External Audits

No Properties Legal Basis

To facilitate the assessment and improvement of services that the University offers, to assess the effective management

of the University and to ensure the efficient running of the University via internal and external audit

Legitimate Interest

Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)