How we use your information

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. For the management and administration of the Pre-School Centre. Contract
2. To support the learning and inform teaching of your child. Contract
3. To provide appropriate care to your child. Contract
4. To operate the Pre-school Centres invoicing system. Contract
5. To record attendance. Contract
6. To allow the claiming of Early Years funding. Legitimate Interest
7. To record accidents, incidents and existing injuries. Legal Obligation
8. For safeguarding purposes. Legal Obligation
9. To enable us to monitor and report on your child’s development. Contract
10. To ensure security is maintained at the Pre-School Centre. Contract
11. To be able to provide timely information, updates and news alerts about the Pre-School Centre to parents/guardians. Contract

To facilitate the assessment and improvement of services that the University offers, to assess the effective management of the University

and to ensure the efficient running of the University via internal and external audit

Legitimate Interest

Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)