Who we share your information with


No Purpose Legal Basis
1. From the Employment and Recruitment Service (ERS) ERS to external clients, this may include providing your details e.g. employment history and skills to external organisations to enhance potential employment opportunities for yourself and to raise awareness of ERS. Consent
2. With staff in partner organisations e.g. NHS and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) that are involved in the recruitment process. Contract
3. With the Home Office to establish or retain a statutory excuse if conducting checks on your right to work. Legal Obligation


No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To make travel and accommodation arrangements organised by the University. Contract
2. For administration of the flexible benefits scheme e.g. bus companies, providers of health benefits and lease care hire. Contract
3. If you are engaged by an external client then the ERS we will share information with them on a need to know basis. Contract
4. With appropriate third parties for the purposes of internal and/or external audit in order to facilitate the assessment and improvement of services that the University offers, to assess the effective management of the University and to ensure the efficient running of the University Legitimate Interest

Staff training

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To provide your details to external accreditation bodies e.g. ILM so that you can receive accreditation for professional development. Contract

Academic/Research/Externally funded activities

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To provide your details to external funders such as research councils as part of the research/project proposal and as part of on-going monitoring/auditing. Public Task

Payroll/ Pensions/ Finance

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To outsourced payroll service providers. Legitimate Interest
2. To transfer relevant information to HMRC and equivalent government bodies in partner institution countries. Legal Obligation
3. To transfer your information to pension administrators e.g. LGPS, Prudential AVCs. Legal Obligation
4. To make attachment to earnings payments e.g. to the Student Loans Company, Lancaster City Council for council tax payments. Legal Obligation

Surveys/Statistical returns

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) for the analysis of staff information. Legal Obligation
2. To the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Legal Obligation

Professional Accreditation

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To gain professional accreditation for schools and courses e.g. AACSB, Equis, AMBA, health and care professions council. Public Task

Police and Emergency Situations

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To the police or other regulatory body where pursuant to the investigation or disclosure of a potential crime. Legal Obligation
2. To close family, next of kin and the emergency services when necessary to protect life of yourself or another person. Vital Interest
3. To the Universities’ insurers in respect of accidents or incidents occurring with the institution and external auditors and regulators such as the Health and Safety Executive. Legal Obligation
4. Where deemed necessary, with appropriate agencies in order to fulfil the University's obligations under the Prevent duty. Legal Obligation

Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)

Please note that the spiritual services provided by the Chaplaincy centre are not under the auspices of Lancaster University and therefore any information shared with staff from any of the faith groups within the centre will be dealt with in line with the faith group’s organisational processes.