Who we share your information with


No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To third parties such as the Higher Education Attainment Tracker (HEAT) and the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) in order to allow the monitoring of engagement, evaluation and research into the recruitment and outreach activities that we provide. Legitimate Interest

As part of processing your application we will share with UCAS information regarding the status of your application, and any changes to the decision, including changes of course or year of entry.

We may also share information with the UCAS Verification Team in relation to potential fraud and to share circumstances relating to exceptional requests for changes from applicants.

3. If you are an International student we may share your information with one of our agents to make sure you get the support you need for applying to Lancaster University. Consent
4. If you are a Lancaster University International Study Centre (ISC) student any pastoral, welfare or disciplinary information that the University holds about you may be shared with the ISC. Legitimate Interest/Consent
5. If you are interviewed as part of your application process we may share your information with external interviewers. Contract
6. To data processors such as Turnitin to identify any instances of collusion in relation to your application to Lancaster University. Contract
7. If you are applying to Lancaster Medical School we will share your details with Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing to allow us to obtain your BMAT scores. Contract




Legal Basis


To IT providers delivering externally hosted IT services or products such as Microsoft.



To the UK Visa and Immigration department in relation to International Students including as part of the process to obtain your CAS number.

Public Task


To notify relevant departments within the University and other organisations e.g. the health centre, pre-school centre if you withdraw of defer your studies.

Legitimate Interest


To notify relevant organisations e.g. GMC, research councils if you withdraw or defer your studies.

Legal Obligation


If you are a student at one of our international or regional teaching partnerships organisations we will share information in relation to the administration of your student record.



To organisations providing indemnity insurance for students engaged in professional practice placements e.g. medical placements.



With appropriate accommodation service partners to enable them to provide maintenance and repair services



If you previously attended the International Study Centre (ISC) and progress to a Lancaster University course we will share information with the ISC including your academic performance, exam results and career progression

Legitimate Interests

Teaching and Assessment

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To external examiners for the purpose of assessment. Public Task
2. To partner colleges and Universities and providers of student placements e.g. Blackburn College, Beijing Jiaotong University for administration, teaching and assessment purposes. Public Task
3. To professional bodies where registration with that body is a requirement or is complimentary to your course e.g. General Medical Council, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Health and Care Professions Council. Public Task
4. To data processors processing your data on behalf of the University for the provision of academic and other services e.g. Turnitin to identify instances of collusion in relation to plagiarism misconduct. Public Task
5. Your data on awards is transferred to a third party provider such as the Qualification Check so that your qualifications can be automatically verified by paid for service. Consent

Student Placements

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To organisations offering placements e.g. Erasmus and Study Abroad including British Council and destination placements e.g. social work study placements, NHS trusts. Contract

If you have engaged with the disability service your Inclusive Learning Support Plan (ILSP) and/or information about your disability or long term medical condition will be shared with your placement provider/host institution in order that:

  • appropriate arrangements can be made;
  • to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others whilst you are on placement.
Public Task/Legal Obligation
3. To arrange accommodation for placements e.g. clinical placements. Public Task
4. If you are a medical student data will be transferred to the foundation school in year 5 of your studies so that a placement will be arranged for your foundation year training. Public Task

Fitness to Practice

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To external panel members of a fitness to practice hearing. Legal Obligation
2. To report to the General Medical Council (GMC), Health and Care Professions Council and NHS trust as relevant, any student who has had a penalty imposed as a result of a fitness to practice case. Legal Obligation
3. To report to the Medical Schools Council, Health and Care Professions Council and NHS trust as relevant, any student who has had their studies terminated on the basis of a fitness to practice case. Legal Obligation


No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To your family, nominated third parties, sponsors, bank or other payment channels to enable payments to be made on your behalf. Consent
2. To external agents of the University in relation to the repayment of students debts, where internal recovery attempts have not been successful. Contract
3. To sponsors, including the UK research councils, the Student Loan Company and sponsors overseas to administer your student fees and confirm enrolment on course and payment. Contract
4. To grant funding bodies such as the medical research council including contact details of students undertaking grant funded work. Contract
5. To external bodies and individuals who have funded student prizes, awards and scholarships. Legitimate Interest
6. To organisations providing banking and online payment processing services. Contract
7. If you are employed by an NHS trust as part of a placement we will share information with their payroll and HR departments. Contract

Wider support offered to you as a student at Lancaster University

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To professional and industrial bodies wishing to communicate with students about career opportunities and membership of their body. Public Task
2. To provide you with references either whilst you are a student or once you have completed your studies at Lancaster University. Consent
3. When the University or an external body such as a Research Council or the Student Loan Company is funding support for reasonable adjustments the University may share your information with appropriate external support agencies in order that you get the help that you need. Public Task
4. To the Lancaster University Students’ Union for registration as a member of the Union. Legitimate Interest

Surveys/Statistical Returns

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To the Higher Education Statistics Agency and agencies acting on their behalf, the Office for Students (OfS), Higher Education Academy, Government Departments such as the Department for Education and the GMC for the analysis of student statistics and/or to enable them to carry out their statutory functions as applicable. Please see https://www.hesa.ac.uk/about/regulation/data-protection/notices. Public Task
2. To the Office for Students (OfS) and its commissioning agents to contact you to complete the National Students Survey. Public Task / Legal Obligation
3. To Lancaster City Council for the purpose of enrolment on the electoral register. Consent
4. To Lancaster City Council for the purpose of council tax checking. Legal Obligation
5. With appropriate third parties for the purposes of internal and/or external audit in order to facilitate the assessment and improvement of services that the University offers, to assess the effective management of the University and to ensure the efficient running of the University Public Task

Police and Emergency Situations

No Purpose Legal Basis
1. To the police or other regulatory body where pursuant to the investigation or disclosure of a potential crime. Legitimate Interest
2. To close family, your emergency contact/s, next of kin and the emergency services when necessary to protect life of yourself or another person. Vital Interest/Consent
3. To the University's insurers in respect of accidents or incidents occurring with the institution and external auditors and regulators such as the Health and Safety Executive. Legal Obligation
4. Where deemed necessary, with appropriate agencies in order to fulfil the University's obligations under the Prevent duty. Legal Obligation

Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)

Please note that the spiritual services provided by the Chaplaincy centre are not under the auspices of Lancaster University and therefore any information shared with staff from any of the faith groups within the centre will be dealt with in line with the faith group’s organisational processes.