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Books & Self-Analysis Tools

Here are some self-analysis tools to help you think about your own wellbeing and a link to information about wellbeing books you can borrow from the University Library.  

Self-Analysis Tools

If your wellbeing could be improved by taking control of your own career, take a look at our career management webpage which has some useful resources to help you to self-assess where you are now and to progress in a way that’s right for you.

As a staff member you can also access Abintegro via the Careers webpage for staff. It’s an enormous resource that Careers use but in addition to careers resources there are also a lot of wider resources, e.g. a section on self-awareness includes personal resilience, emotional control, and stress management resources.

You may also be interested in accessing free coaching and mentoring, both of which can help you reflect on your experiences.



The University Library has a section dedicated to self-care and wellbeing books that you can borrow. You can also find out about leisure books and there is also a Good Reads section.

Case Study: Harriet

"I have just finished reading The Chimp Paradox... Personally, this book has given me so much. My boyfriend suggested it when he saw me struggling with my emotions and it’s given me a real sense of focus and perspective. The chimp paradox is a simple yet effective model to follow on one of the most complex of issues.. your mind! This book has been my life toolkit on moving forward with the things that matter to me.

One of the many key learning points I took away from this book was to stop and consider not only what I am going to do but how my chimp will feel when I do it. I would consistently have a to do list or plan everything to the finest detail but not stop to think ‘How will I deal with stress?’ or ‘What impact will this have on the way I feel?’ It is available to borrow from the Library."