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Parents and Guardians

This short activity provides useful information for applicants and parents about support at Lancaster and preparing for university.

Please note: Once the student has registered and is studying with us, we will not be able to liaise with anyone else on the student's behalf without their express permission due to data protection. In line with this, we prefer to liaise with applicants directly as this models the communication we will have with students in future. You might find it helpful to encourage the student to be proactive in communicating with university staff. Read our data protection policy for more information.

Sending a student off to university can be emotional and sometimes daunting. It is normal to worry that they might not settle in well at University, but there are lots of ways you can help ease the transition to Higher Education. Please click on the categories below to find out more.


  • Disclosing a Disability

    If a student is likely to need support at University, it is important that they disclose their condition to usUK students will first do this through their UCAS application. This allows the university to contact the student to give them information about what support is available, evidence, and applying for support. Those who have not disclosed through UCAS can register online.

  • Supporting Evidence

    Lancaster University requires supporting evidence of a disability in order to provide support to students. You can support the student by helping them to obtain this evidence, and get it to us in advance of their start date. Check our Registering and Submitting Evidence page to find out what evidence is needed. 

  • Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

    Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) is a form of financial support which UK students with disabilities may be able to access. You can read more about it on our Lancaster Support Processes page and on the DSA website 

    Some students may be unsure if they would be entitled to DSA. If you are unsure, check out the DSA website, or contact us for a discussion about whether the student is likely to benefit from DSA.  

  • Encouraging Independence

    When students arrive at university, they will be need to manage their condition for themselves. This is something students can find challenging, especially when combined with independent living and studying. Visit our Preparing for University Life page with the student to see how they can prepare themselves for living independently. 

How Lancaster University can support your young person

Lancaster University Disability Service is here to ensure that the student is getting the right provision for their needs. We can support them in making sure they provide us with the right evidence to get support in place.

Lancaster University also offers pastoral support to students who might need extra help settling in, and we have a dedicated Counselling and Mental Health Team who can help if the student is struggling once they have arrived at University.

Disability Service, Student Wellbeing Services, University House, Lancaster, LA1 4YW - 01524 592111