Pay your fees

Many students arrange for their fees to be financed by Student Finance. Postgraduate, international and self-funding students can also find guidance below. Students are also required to pay a small college fee.

Stay safe - avoiding phishing attacks, scams and spam

We want all our students to be safe from phishing attacks, scams and spam. So please be aware that Student Finance will never ask students to update their bank details or verify their account or personal details by email. Read our advice on avoiding phishing attacks, scams and spam. The UK Government and Student Loans Company also have some useful advice.


Check your awards eligibility

You may be eligible to receive loans, scholarships and bursaries depending on your family income and academic performance.

1. Check whether you are eligible to receive an award

The scholarships and bursaries page provides details of eligibility for a variety of funding opportunities as well as their cash value. See whether you are likely to receive a loan, scholarship or bursary.

2. Find out more about how the system works

Get answers to your questions at the scholarships and bursaries FAQ page which will continue to be updated as the new term approaches. Topics include applications, eligibility, payments and what happens if your situation changes. If you want to know more about Government loans, visit the Student Finance page.

3. Authorise payments

Find detailed instructions on how to nominate a bank account to receive payments from Lancaster University.