Pay your fees

Many students arrange for their fees to be financed by Student Finance. Postgraduate, international and self-funding students can also find guidance below. Students are also required to pay a small college fee.

  • Student Finance

    Stay safe

    We want all our students to be safe from phishing attempts and scams. So please be aware that Student Finance will never ask students to update their bank details or verify their account or personal details by email. 


    If your tuition fees are being paid via a Student Finance loan, please upload your ‘University or College Payment Advice’ letter during the Online Registration process.  If you don’t have a copy at the time, don’t worry – simply bring a copy to Registration.

    If you went through clearing or are transferring from another university, please contact so we can ensure your funding assessment is transferred to Lancaster University. Having the wrong university on your assessment can delay your loan and any Lancaster bursaries/scholarships. We will need your Lancaster University ID number and Student Support Number from Student Finance. 


    Postgraduate students from England or Wales who are paying their tuition fees with a loan from Student Finance will receive a tuition fee invoice after University registration. Once registered, they should contact to request their payments are scheduled to fall in line with loan payment dates.  Proof of the loan will be required.

    Postgraduate taught students from Northern Ireland with a loan from Student Finance will need to provide proof of funding. This can be submitted during Online Registration, emailed to or handed in during Registration. If you receive an invoice, it means we are not aware of the loan and you should contact the Tuition Fees team. If, when applying for the loan, you can’t find your course, please email and they will arrange for the database to be updated.

    SAAS, Isle of Man or Channel Island funded students should refer to the ‘Sponsored students’ section for tuition fee guidance.

    More information

    Student Finance's 'Application Journey 2019-20' video explains their process and the Student Finance zone also has some useful tips.

  • Self-funded students

    If you are self-financing your studies, you should settle your fees or pay the first instalment when you register. The 'Paying your fees when you register' and 'Payment  by instalments' sections below contain more details.

  • Sponsored students
  • Paying your fees in advance

    You can make online payments or you can transfer funds directly into the University’s bank account. You need to contact your own bank to do this for you. The details of our bank are:

    Barclays Bank
    Barclays Business Centre
    Manchester City Office
    PO Box 357
    51 Mosley Street
    M60 2AU


    Branch Sort Code: 20-55-34
    Account number: 40981516
    Account name: Lancaster University
    IBAN: GB 74 BARC 2055 3440 9815 16
    Swift Code: BARC GB 22
    BIC: BARC GB 22

    The University does not provide tuition fee invoices to applicants, therefore when transferring money from your bank to our bank account, please include your Lancaster University ID number and your full name.

  • Paying your fees when you register

    Fees must be paid in pounds sterling at, or before, registration (or on receipt of a fee invoice for students who begin their courses at other times of the year). At registration you can pay with a debit or credit card (not Diners), travellers’ cheques in pounds sterling, a UK cheque or bank draft drawn on a UK bank account. Cheques in Euros and US dollars may be accepted without extra charges but could still be subject to exchange rate differences.

    Fees may be paid online with a bank debit card or any credit card (not Diners).

  • Payment by instalments

    If you are a self-financing student you can pay your tuition fees in two equal instalments - please log into your online account to check individual due dates. Each instalment is the equivalent of half of the full annual fee.

  • International students

    We strongly recommend you open a bank account either before you reach Lancaster or immediately afterwards. This will make it easier to pay your fees and accommodation charges. There are two banks on the University campus (Barclays and Santander) and other banks in the city centre. How to open a bank account.

    If you are an international student from a country where it is necessary to apply well in advance for permission to transfer money to this country, please ensure that you do so. Where there is exchange control, you will be expected to have cleared this before you start your studies at Lancaster.

  • Tuition fee invoices

    Student fee invoices are made available on the Student Portal after the start of term. Students will be sent an email when their invoice is ready to be viewed/printed. Sponsor invoices are issued on paper. Any amounts paid in advance will not be reflected on the invoice.

  • College fees

    Once you have been accepted into a college, you will receive confirmation and be required to pay a college membership fee of £36 for undergraduates and £12 for postgraduates for courses beginning in 2019. For students starting in 2020 the fee is £40 for undergraduates and research students and £15 for students on one-year courses. Fees for students starting in 2021 have not yet been set. Find out more about choosing a college and paying the college membership fee.

Check your awards eligibility

You may be eligible to receive loans, scholarships and bursaries depending on your family income and academic performance.

1. Check whether you are eligible to receive an award

The scholarships and bursaries 2019 page provides details of eligibility for a variety of funding opportunities as well as their cash value. See whether you are likely to receive a loan, scholarship or bursary.

2. Find out more about how the system works

Get answers to your questions at the scholarships and bursaries FAQ page which will continue to be updated as the new term approaches. Topics include applications, eligibility, payments and what happens if your situation changes. If you want to know more about Government loans, visit the Student Finance page.

3. Authorise payments

Find detailed instructions on how to nominate a bank account to receive payments from Lancaster University.