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Centre for War and Diplomacy

Teaching at Lancaster is research led and all staff are research active in their field. Their research informs the teaching of this degree as well as supporting advances in the academic field.

Recent geopolitical developments – from the increasing militarisation of the Asia-Pacific to the military assertiveness of Russia and the resurgence of the nation-state – have meant that the study of warfare and relations between states has risen to renewed prominence. The Centre for War and Diplomacy (CWD) provides the historical context and strategic analysis that will inform understanding of these current global challenges, as well as those of the future. Embracing a global perspective, it pursues research into the mutually informative fields of war and diplomatic relations between states in the longue durée, in order to combine cross-chronological insights. The Centre for War and Diplomacy aims to address the challenges of today through the study of the past.

Based in the Department of History, this research centre is informed by experts from

The Department of English Literature and Creative Writing

The Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion

The centre also welcomes non-resident and visiting fellows from across the world.

For more information on the Centre for War and Diplomacy why not visit the centre web page. Here you'll find details of affiliate staff, current research partnerships, events and more.

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