2022 Travel Survey sustainable travel results

A bus traveling to campus

We would like to thank all students and colleagues who took the time to complete the University Travel Survey in November and December 2022.

The key findings from the survey are as follows:

Based on response rates of 28% of staff and 6% of students, the following changes since the last travel surveys in 2019 were identified:

Staff Travel Survey

  • 36% reduction in carbon emissions from daily staff commuting travel. This reduction is due to increased homeworking and changes to travel modes, despite a 6% increase in staff numbers.
  • 3% reduction of single occupancy car journeys to campus.
  • 2% increase in staff bus commuting.
  • 16% of staff choose active travel as their main mode for the commute to work, with many more choosing mixed travel modes.
  • Overall, approximately 25% of staff travel to campus twice a week or less.

Student travel Survey

  • 32% increase in carbon emissions from student daily commuting. Within the reporting period 2019-2022, there has been a 36% increase in students living off campus.
  • Small increase in shared or single occupancy car journeys to campus.
  • A greater proportion of students using the buses to campus, with small variations in those choosing active travel modes.

The results and feedback from the survey are being evaluated and will help us develop the University 4th Edition Travel plan and supporting policies. The key issues we will be looking to address in the new travel plan include:

  • Bus capacity
  • Bus travel costs and ticket options
  • Zero emission buses
  • Active travel infrastructure and facilities
  • Supporting the shift to electric vehicles
  • Parking policy
  • Sustainable business travel policy and guidance

Visit Travel | Lancaster University for more information, guidance and advice on traveling to and from campus.

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