Behaviour Change Plan

The Lancaster University Behaviour Change Plan has been developed to instigate, facilitate and mobilise environmentally beneficial behavioural change in staff, students and visitors at Lancaster University.

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The Ecology Plan is both a statement and a guidance document, to ensure that university personnel are equipped with the background information, direction and the means by which the ecology and biodiversity resources can be safeguarded for the future.

Behaviour Change Plan

Green Lancaster

Engaging the community as a whole to encourage and embed sustainable behaviours and understanding of sustainability issues, Green Lancaster is a collaboration between Lancaster University and the Students' Union that promotes sustainability by engaging with communities.

Through a variety of campaigns and events, the University spreads awareness and encourages staff, students and visitors to change their behaviour to help tackle the global issues that we face today.

To alter staff and student behaviours in order to reduce carbon emissions, energy and resource consumption associated with University activities and operations.

Green Lancaster team selling locally grown produce.

Lasting a Lifetime

By engaging with our communities we aim to influence behavioural change culturally, changing the attitudes of people across the University by teaching sustainable practices that can be taken far beyond their time at the University.

The River Eden Demonstration Test Catchment (EdenDTC) is a Defra funded research project. The aim of the project is to assess if it is possible to cost-effectively reduce pollution from agriculture, whilst maintaining agricultural productivity.

Student event speaker as part of Green Lancaster.

Get involved

Launched in 2015 to engage with students and promote sustainability, Green Lancaster has evolved to become a passionate community, committed to tackling the toughest environmental issues of today. The Green Lancaster team host a wide variety of events and initiatives throughout each year to give everyone the chance to get involved.

Green Lancaster
Students supporting Green Lancaster