Waste Plan

Adopted in 2011, the projects and actions implemented as elements of the Waste Plan have resulted in significant improvements in recycling rates and carbon emissions associated with recycling and waste disposal.

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The Waste Plan sets out the legislative requirements and Lancaster University drivers, as well as the national and Lancaster University specific waste management targets. Short, medium and longer-term strategic objectives, structured in respect of the waste hierarchy set out the detail of how Lancaster University will meet its legislative and internal targets.

Waste Plan


There has been a significant increase in the recycling rate at Lancaster University from less than 4% in 2006-07 to 72% in 2018/19. The increase has been primarily driven through the gradual introduction and roll out of segregated collection facilities across the campus.

In 2007-08 approximately 2.5% of waste generated at Lancaster University was segregated for reuse in a variety of projects. The reuse figure has gradually increased with initiatives such as ‘Project Exodus’ reuse project significantly increasing reuse rates. Reuse rates increased to over 6% in 2015-16.

Recycling bins.

Targets and ambitions

Lancaster University is aims to surpass the UK national targets as set out in the ‘Waste Framework Directive’ and being implemented through local authorities, and aspires to be a leader in waste reduction and recycling within the HE Sector.

Approximately 2,000 tonnes of waste and recycling are generated at Lancaster University every year, which works out at 5-6 tonnes per day or 66kg/per person per year. A lot of effort has been put into improving waste and recycling facilities and arrangements, but we need your help to reduce the amount of waste generated and increase reuse and recycling.

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Get involved

Launched in 2015 to engage with students and promote sustainability, Green Lancaster has evolved to become a passionate community, committed to tackling the toughest environmental issues of today. The Green Lancaster team host a wide variety of events and initiatives throughout each year to give everyone the chance to get involved.

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