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Goal 13 - Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat the climate emergency

Climate Action


Tracking melting ice

An international research team including academics from Lancaster have been studying the impact of climate change on the lakes around the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. The study provides vital insight into why and where lakes grow, and will help experts understand which ice shelves may be most at risk of breaking up as a consequence of surface melting.


Climate emergency teaching

Our degree options run through The Lancaster Environment Centre, focus on teaching about global challenges such as climate change, sustainable development, resource provision, and natural hazards. For example, our Ecology and Conservation degree runs field trips to places such as the Doñana National Park in Spain to spot and learn about endangered wildlife and plants.

Students on campus

University Operations

Net-zero commitment

At Lancaster, we recognise that sustainability, the climate emergency and our environment is the responsibility of our whole community. Our commitments are already leading the way; Lancaster University is one of the highest producers of renewable energy out of all UK Universities, and since 2005 we’ve reduced our electricity and heating emissions by 50%. We know there’s more we need to do, that’s why we’re committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

Travel decision tree

Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) have developed a travel decision tree to assist with decision-making about travel modes and alternatives to business and academic travel across the University. We implemented this with our business travel team in order to promote sustainable travel options.

Student Engagement

Green Lancaster

Green Lancaster is a partnership between Lancaster University and the Students’ Union devoted to engaging students, staff, and the local community in practical responses to the climate and ecological emergencies. Their community is full of determined, forward thinking people who all share a common desire; to make a difference. From planting trees on campus, to campaigning for action on climate change.

Climate Action Society

Lancaster University Climate Action Society (LUCAS) offers a community to like-minded students who wish to engage in learning more about the climate crisis whilst offering a fun and friendly community where they can meet new people. They run educational events such as climate talks by professionals, friendly debates and discussions, as well as promotion of things we can all do to reduce our environmental impact.

Green Lancaster team