Decent Work and Economic Growth

Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth and productive and decent employment for all

Decent Work and Economic Growth


The Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business

The Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business (part of Lancaster University Management School) is a research centre, delivering stimulating research on sustainability in business. Their work aims to demonstrate how a strategic focus on sustainability risks, challenges and opportunities can drive both financial and non-financial performance

The Work Foundation

The Work Foundation (part of Lancaster University Management School) is a leading think tank looking at improving work in the UK. Researchers have launched the UK Insecure Work Index which highlights that 20-25% of workers are in insecure work which could be from employment contracts, low wages or lack of workers' rights. Insights are to raise awareness of an increase in insecure work, and the impact on specific groups of people including disabled people, ethnic minority groups and young people.

Modern Slavery

Pioneering research from Lancaster University Management School is documenting the lived experiences of men, women and children trapped in modern slavery in order to report on the impact and aim to make factories across the world safer and better places to work.


Sustainable business

Many of our degree options at Lancaster University Management School teach sustainable and ethical business practices, in order to inspire future leaders of industry. For example, our Management and Human Resources degree has a module on business ethics and another module on global corporate social responsibility.

Careers fair

University Operations

The Careers and Employability Service

Lancaster’s Careers and Employability Service is available for specialist career advice, exploring study options, career events and work experience opportunities. Our CV360 portal allows students to upload their CV to receive personalized insights into how to improve it – from spelling and grammatical changes to tips on including skills.

Public Engagement


The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation in Lancaster Environment Centre brings together researchers with real-world businesses to support innovation and growth in a sustainable manner. One example is Relic Plastic CIC, who collect post-consumer plastics and manufactures high-quality handmade products such as shower combs and furniture. Through working with us, they have managed to increase their partnership with the community to reduce plastic waste in landfills and increase awareness and sustainable action.