No Poverty

Goal 1 - No Poverty

End poverty, in all forms, everywhere.

No Poverty


Inequality research

The Centre for Alternatives to Social and Economic Inequalities (CASEI) is based in the Sociology Department at Lancaster University and thinks globally and acts locally in researching the causes of, and offering solutions to, a range of inequalities. One area is researching the Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission, which brings together a group of citizens with lived experience of poverty who meet together and share their stories with each other, with the aim of using this experience to inform local policy and work with local government.

Alternative Entrepreneurship

Researchers from Lancaster University Management School have been researching entrepreneurs in Favelas in Rio de Janeiro who have drawn in tourists, and demonstrate how people can use entrepreneurship to help them overcome poverty and social exclusion. Their work is focused on finding out how people living in extreme conditions, manage to overcome barriers and find motivation to shape the world around them.


Austerity and poverty

We’re committed to teaching about poverty and ways to improve life for others. For example, our Human Geography degree, examines poverty, environmental challenges and inequalities and how this changes human geography and displacement in the developing world.

Staff helping out

University Operations

Lancaster Sanctuary Scholarships

Our Sanctuary Scholarship offers students who are refugees or have humanitarian protection the support and resources they need to integrate into our community here at Lancaster.

Student Financial Support

Students can access different grants or funds to help support personal development or assist with financial hardship from either their college at Lancaster University or Student Services.

WTF: Where's The Food?

WTF is a series of free hot meal events provided by colleges and open to all students. Throughout each term, various free meals will be available - from hot breakfast rolls, to delicious evening meals.

Free Essentials

Each college at Lancaster has an area where students experiencing financial difficulties can pick up free food and hygiene products. There are also five locations around campus, where students or staff can pick up free sanitary products. Lancaster University Students Union offers LU Pantry, to help Lancaster students and staff with free food and basic hygiene products during the cost-of-living crisis.