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Find out everything you need to know about parking at Lancaster University.

All pay-and-display parking on campus is now cashless. Our parking machines accept card payments only (contactless and chip & pin). Payment by cash is not possible. This applies to sales of all parking permits and payments at the parking machines.

For the latest information on how COVID-19 is affecting travel and parking at the University please see the COVID Local Travel Advice page. 

Important information on 2020/21 parking permits: all annual parking permits for the 2020/21 academic year expire on 30th September 2021. The year and expiry date are not printed on these annual parking permits. No refunds are available on any parking permits. 

Accessible Parking Spaces

Dedicated accessible parking spaces are provided throughout the campus for Blue Badge holders and those with a University Accessible Parking Permit. Locations of accessible parking spaces can be viewed on the Campus Map.

Blue Badges will be honoured for single use but an Accessible Permit should be obtained for continued use by eligible students and staff.

Parking is free for valid Blue Badge holders.

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Blue Badge and Accessible Permits

From 1st October 2021, after careful consideration of the pricing structure, a fee will apply for an Accessible Parking Permit. This will be in line with other parking permit charges at the University. If you have a valid Blue Badge these charges will not affect you. The annual price for students is £142. The annual price for staff is dependent upon grade and FTE level. Please see further details on the Staff Parking page.

Students and staff can refer to the Accessible Parking Permits Eligibility Guidelines on the Policy and Enforcement page for eligibility details and how to apply. Important information for students can also be found on the Campus Accessibility and Parking webpage.

Find out below about a new 1-day Staff Accessible Scratch Card.

A new 1-day Accessible Scratch Card has been launched for staff.

These are priced exactly the same as the standard staff scratch cards at £2.50 each (£12.50 per strip of 5 cards), however, these are valid in all accessible parking bays as well as in staff parking zones and on South West Campus.

The Car Parking Team will assess eligibility for these scratch cards. Subject to confirmation of your eligibility, Accessible Scratch Cards will be available for you to purchase shortly on the Online Payment Portal.

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Chancellor's Wharf

A system of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras enforce parking at Chancellor's Wharf.

Important: Anyone eligible to park at Chancellor's Wharf must ensure their vehicle details are registered with the University as authorised to park at Chancellor's Wharf and have paid the required parking fee.

  • Residents at Chancellor's Wharf can purchase a virtual parking permit by contacting the Car Parking Office at car-parking@lancaster.ac.uk.
  • For visitors of residents the Online Store must be used to register vehicle details and purchase parking at £3 per day.

More information on parking at Chancellor's Wharf.

Helpful Information


  • Parking Zones

    Find out where you can park by viewing the Parking Zones Map.

  • Loading and Drop-off

    Various loading / delivery / drop-off bays are located on campus. These locations can be viewed on the Parking Zones Map. Most of the loading bays have time restrictions as indicated on the adjacent signage.

    Short-term 30-minute parking bays are provided in Bowland Avenue outside the Welcome Centre. Dedicated drop-off and short-term parking is provided outside the Pre-School at no charge for Pre-School Permit holders.

    When loading or unloading please do not leave your vehicle unattended for more than 10 minutes at a time.

  • Parking Charge Notice (PCN)

    The University enforces its car parking policies and regulations by means of Parking Charge Notices (PCNs). Issuing PCNs to contravening motorists helps ensure that parking practices at the University are as fair as possible and helps to maximise the number of parking spaces available for people to park in.

    Anyone receiving a PCN should follow the instructions on the PCN ticket.

    Further information is available on the Policy and Enforcement page.

  • Parking at the Health Innovation Campus

    The Health Innovation Campus (HIC) has staff permit parking and visitor pay and display parking which is accessed from the A6 up Sir John Fisher Drive, north of the main campus entrance.

    Charging points are provided for electric vehicles. There are also dedicated accessible, motorcycle and bicycle parking facilities.

    Overflow and student parking is on South West Campus which is a 15 – 20 minute walk. All University staff parking permits are valid in the Staff parking zone on HIC.

  • Motorcycle Parking

    Motorcycles can park for free on campus provided they are not parked in car parking spaces. A parking permit is not required for motorcycles.

    Dedicated, secure and sheltered motorcycle parking is available in the Underpass. Dedicated motorcycle parking is also available on Bowland Avenue, on North Drive, South Drive, at the Health Innovation Campus and at Forrest Hills. Locations of all motorcycle parking can be viewed on the Campus Map.

    Motorcycles can also be parked informally in other areas provided they do not cause an obstruction and are not parked at a bicycle parking area.

  • Sports Centre Parking

    Parking is provided at the front and rear car parks of the Sports Centre (Visitor Car Park L). Two hours of free parking is permitted with a free ticket from the parking meters in Car Park L. The maximum permitted stay is 2 hours with no returns within 1 hour. These arrangements apply across all opening hours of the Sports Centre, including evenings and weekends. Parking is strictly in connection with sports use only.

    Alternatively, parking is also available at the Sports Field Car Park (Visitor Car Park K). The tariff here is free parking for up to 2 hours for sports users (with a ticket from the meter) or £3 for a full day. Car Park K is conveniently located next to the tennis courts and close to many of the external sports pitches.

    The Sports Centre Parking Policy can be found on the Policy and Enforcement page.

  • Chancellor's Wharf Parking

    A system of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enforcement is in operation for parking at Chancellor's Wharf.

    All vehicles parking at Chancellor's Wharf at any time must first be registered with the University as permitted to park exclusively at Chancellor's Wharf on that particular day (main campus permits are not valid there).

    Only Chancellor's Wharf student residents and staff working at Chancellor's Wharf are entitled to a virtual Chancellor's Wharf Parking Permit. These permits are not valid on campus, only at Chancellor's Wharf.

    A Chancellor's Wharf Virtual Visitor Parking Permit is available from the Online Store exclusively for those visiting a student resident at Chancellor's Wharf. Parking is charged at £3 per 24 hours.

    Any staff visiting Chancellor's Wharf on bona fide University business must inform the Car Parking Office at car-parking@lancaster.ac.uk prior to their visit so that vehicle details can be added to the system for each specific day to avoid an automatic ticket being issued.

    The full parking policy at Chancellor's Wharf can be viewed on the Policy and Enforcement page.

  • Forrest Hills Parking

    A ticket & display system is in operation at Forrest Hills. A free ticket for up to 10 hours must be obtained from the parking meter in the Forrest Hills Car Park during the hours of 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. Please note that parking must be in connection with Forrest Hills business and no overnight parking is permitted.

    Bicycle and motorcycle parking facilities are also provided at Forrest Hills.