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Contractor Parking

We've introduced a number of improvements to support our valued contractors with parking at the University. We know how important it is for you to park conveniently whilst working on campus so we want to help you to do just that with these new measures.

Online payments

We're asking all contractors to pay for their permits online rather than visiting the Security Lodge in order to limit unnecessary contact. Please select the option you wish to pay for below and make a payment over our secure payment portal. Your permit or scratch card will be delivered to you within 5 working days so make sure you order in advance. Alternatively, single day tickets are available from any ticket machine on campus, which now take contactless and chip & pin payments only.

Important Notice: Contractors are not permitted to park in site compounds. Parking Charge Notices will be issued in accordance with the Parking Policy. 

More places to park

Prior to now, contractors were restricted to parking on South West Campus. Effective from 1st October 2020, new measures mean contractor permit or scratch card holders can park in any staff or visitor car parking space too. The only exception to this is long wheelbase vehicles, which must park in visitor car parks B or K. 

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A greater choice of permit options

We understand that some contractors visit campus regularly and so we've increased the options available to include an annual, termly or monthly permit that can be purchased online via our cashless payment system. For those looking for something shorter term, there's the normal cashless Pay & Display option for single day tickets.

Prices and payment

More flexible permit options mean better value permits for everyone. Take a look at the pricing below and order online. Please be aware that delivery can take up to 5 working days, so please remember to order well in advance. Single-day tickets are available in the interim from the Pay & Display machines should you need them.

Permit Option

Duration & Cost

Parking Zones

Available from

Contractor Parking Permit

Annual - £224

Termly - £87

Monthly - £35

Staff, Visitor, South West Campus

Online Store here for postal delivery.

Contractor Parking Scratch Card

Daily - £5

(sheets of 5 for £25)

Staff, Visitor, South West Campus

Online Store here for postal delivery.

Pay & Display Ticket

Daily - £5

2 hours - £2

Visitor, South West Campus

Pay & display machines

Please note: Contractors are not permitted to park in their compounds. A valid ticket, permit or scratch card must be displayed at all times and vehicles must be parked in accordance with the latest parking policy.

Important information on parking permits: all annual parking permits are for the 2020/21 academic year and expire on 30th September 2021. The year and expiry date are not printed on annual parking permits this year. No refunds are available on any parking permits. 


  • How do I get a permit?

    Once you've selected your preffered permit type, you can pay for it online. The pass will be posted to the address you entered during the payment process. This usually takes a few days to reach you so please ensure you leave sufficient time for delivery prior to visiting campus. Whilst we endeavour to deliver permits quickly, this can take up to 5 working days in some cases. 

    If you are on campus and you are not in receipt of your permit through the post, you may consider purchasing an all day ticket for £5/£3 depending on where you park as an interim measure.

    Do not visit the Security Lodge to purchase parking. Ticket machines are now cashless and all other permit types should be ordered online.

  • I've received a ticket, how can I appeal?

    Parking enforcement is in operation at the University to enforce the Parking Policy. Enforcement is in the form of Parking Charge Notice (PCN) ticket issuing. Enforcing parking helps to ensure a fair and efficient parking system and maintains access for all our parking users, maximising the number of parking spaces available.

    The penalty charge fee for a PCN is £75, reduced to £45 if payment is received within 14 days. Lancaster University Security staff issue the PCNs onto offending vehicles supported by First Parking. Photographic evidence is taken and sent directly onto First Parking for processing. Security staff are not involved in the administration of taking payment for PCNs. Appeals and payments for PCNs should be made directly to First Parking, as instructed on the PCN notice.

  • Can I park in a site compound?

    No. Parking within a compound is strictly prohibited as stated in the Parking Policy. We have extended the number of places you can park in order to work with contractors and make parking more accessible. 

    Contractors with valid permits can park on South West Campus, any visitor car park and any staff car park. The Pre-School drop-off point and dedicated parking is not available to contractors to use.

  • Are permits refundable?

    Permits are non-refundable. 

  • I've lost my permit. Can I claim a replacement?

    Yes, replacement annual and termly passes can be re-issued by the parking office for a fee of £30 and will be posted out. To request this, please contact the Parking Office via email: 

    You will be instructed on how to pay the fee via the online portal. Please do not visit the Parking Office or Security Lodge to obtain a replacement permit.

  • Where can I find the Parking Policy?

    The policy, and information on enforcement can be found on the Policy and Enforcement page. 

  • How do I register my vehicle for parking at Chancellor's Wharf?

    Commencing October 2020, a system of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enforcement is in operation for parking at Chancellor's Wharf.

    All vehicles parking at Chancellor's Wharf at any time must be registered with the University as permitted to park at Chancellor's Wharf (main campus permits are not valid there). 

    Contractors must contact the Car Parking Office at in advance of visiting Chancellor's Wharf with their parking requirements. You will be advised on suitable options. 

    The full parking policy at Chancellor's Wharf can be viewed on the Policy and Enforcement page. 

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