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Visitor Parking

Find out everything you need to know about visitor parking at Lancaster University. 

For the latest information on how COVID-19 is affecting travel and parking at the University please see the COVID Local Travel Advice page. 

Visitors can park in any of the Visitor Car Parks A to M or in any space on South West Campus. You can use the Parking Zones Map to identify the most convenient visitor car park for your destination.

Parking tariffs

If you're visiting campus on a weekday then pay & display charges apply. A ticket can be purchased from any of the pay & display parking meters located across campus. Charges are: 

  • £2 for 2 hours, or
  • £5 for a full day (£3 on South West Campus and Car Park K Sports Field). 

Parking is free after 6pm and at weekends. Blue Badge holders are welcome to park without charge. 

Flexible payment options

Payment meters are provided at visitor car parks A to M and on South West Campus. 

Payment options include coin, contactless and chip & pin. 

Alternatively, one-day parking scratch cards are available from the Cashier's Desk in University House priced at £5 each. 

Helpful Information


  • Blue Badge Parking

    Accessible parking bays are clearly marked across all car parking areas on the campus. Locations of accessible parking can be viewed on the Campus Map

    For one-off visits, Blue Badges will suffice. Blue Badge holders are welcome to park without charge, either in an accessible parking bay or in any other available parking space. 

    Staff or student Blue Badge holders should contact the Parking Office in Security to obtain an Accessible Parking Permit for regular use. 

  • Sports Centre and sports facilities

    Parking is provided at the front and rear car parks of the Sports Centre (Visitor Car Park L). Two hours of free parking is permitted with a free ticket from one of the parking meters in Car Park L. The maximum permitted stay is 2 hours with no return within 1 hour. These arrangements apply across all opening hours of the Sports Centre, including evenings and weekends. Parking is strictly in connection with sports use only. 

    Alternatively, parking is also available at the Sports Field Car Park (Visitor Car Park K). The tariff here is free parking for up to 2 hours for sports users (with a ticket from the meter) or £3 for a full day. Car Park K is conveniently located next to the tennis courts and close to many of the external sports pitches. 

  • Electric Vehicles

    More information is available on the Electric Vehicles page. 

  • Minibus Parking

    Minibuses must be parked in one of the following locations. This will avoid minibuses obstructing either the roadway, footway or landscaping in standard length parking bays. 

    • Visitor Car Park B
    • Visitor Car Park E 
    • Visitor Car Park K (Sports Field Car Park)

    Locations of the visitor car parks can be found on the Campus Map

    Pay & display facilities must be used between 08:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday. 

  • Contractor Parking

    Contractors must use the pay & display visitor parking as with other visitors unless an annual or termly Contractor Parking Permit is being used for South West Campus parking. 

    Further information is available in the Contractor Parking Policy available on the Policy and Enforcement page. 

  • Forrest Hills Parking

    A ticket & display system is in operation at Forrest Hills. A free ticket for up to 10 hours must be obtained from the parking meter in the Forrest Hills Car Park during the hours of 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. Please note that parking must be in connection with Forrest Hills business and no overnight parking is permitted. 

    Bicycle and motorcycle parking facilities are also available at Forrest Hills. 

  • Coach Visits to Campus

    Coach Drop-off, Pick-up and Coach Parking Policy 2019/20 V2

    This document provides helpful information to coach drivers and organisers of coach visits to the University campus.