Student in their room on campus.

Connect to IT

When you arrive you'll probably want to get online on your devices. You'll be able to stay connected across campus, and support is available should you need it.

When you’re completing the setup of your IT account during online Registration there's a link to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

You should do this straight away, as MFA provides an extra layer of security.

To ensure you complete the MFA setup fully, please register both an authentication method and a recovery method. Once set up, you’ll be able to generate One-Time Passwords (OTPs) that you’ll use when logging in to IT services that require it.

Once your IT account is set up you’ll be able to start accessing the essential IT services listed below, but note that some of them may not be made available to you until after your course start date.

One of the first things you'll probably want to do is get online using your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Get online using Wi-Fi

Connect to eduroam for Wi-Fi in your room and across campus.

Follow the instructions provided when connecting - this will ensure that your connection is secure, that you’re using the correct login details, and are less likely to lose your connection when updates happen.

Connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi

Get high speed access in your room on campus

To get high speed Internet and network access in your room on campus, connect to the wired IT network – you’ll need an ethernet cable for this.

Connecting via the wired IT network

Access essential services

You can get more detailed information about accessing and using IT services in the Portal by searching from the home page or ASK tab, or navigating from the ASK tab.

Don’t forget that you must have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) set up on your IT account to get access some of these services.

Study-related resources and information

Details of essential IT services. Accordion

For software

Details of services for access to software Accordion

Other services

Details of other essential IT services. Accordion

Getting IT help and support

What to do if you’re having IT problems.

  • Contact IT support

    Information to help solve your IT problems, and how to report problems or request services.

  • Device repairs

    Repairs to your devices from The Workshop, a University-owned service on campus.

  • IT service issues

    Check your Portal notifications or ISS on X (formerly Twitter) to find out about IT service issues.

Improve your digital skills

Access free training, information and guidance to get the IT skills you need.