Health services on campus

Anyone needing an ambulance should dial 999 on the internal telephone system rather than a mobile. The call is channelled through Security, who can meet the ambulance and quickly direct to the scene.

Health Services on campus include:

Doctors' surgery

Telephone: +44 (0)1524 551551

Lancaster University Health Centre is located on the campus perimeter road near to the Pre-School Centre and is part of Lancaster Medical Practice.

Lancaster Medical Practice provides a service for students and staff who are registered with the practice. Appointments are available at any of the seven GP practices across the city. Students living within the practice boundary should register online.

Follow the Lancaster Medical Practice on Facebook (Lancaster Medical Practice) or Instagram (Lancaster Medical Practice).

Dental services

NHS dental treatment

To register with an NHS dentist in Lancaster, you need to contact local surgeries to see if they are taking on new patients. Finding a local NHS dentist.

If you need emergency dental treatment, you should contact your own dentist if you are registered with one. If you are not registered with a dentist you should call NHS Direct on 111.

Campus dental clinic

Tel: (0)1524 594595

Lancaster Dental Practice offers private dental treatment on campus. An emergency call-out service is available to registered patients.


Tel: (0)1524 36815

The pharmacy is available to dispense prescriptions and for pharmacy medicines and advice. It is situated just off Alexandra Square, on the North Spine.

Natural Healthcare Centre

The Natural Healthcare Centre is based in the Chaplaincy Centre, offering CranioSacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Shiatsu.