Estate and Environment Principles

The statement of principles below summarises Lancaster University's principles relating to its estate and its effect upon the environment.

The principles are supplemented and supported by more detailed internal guidance documentation.

With regard to its estate and its effect upon the environment, Lancaster University aims to:

  • Deliver environments and experiences that enhance the reputation of the University and improve the lives of our students, staff and visitors, at all times remembering that we are part of an academic institution
  • Provide excellence by best professional advice in relation to the management, operation and maintenance of the University estate
  • Be responsive to the operational needs and changing requirements of the University community, aiming to meet or exceed aspirations at all times
  • Have regard at all times to the possible impact of estate developments and facilities provision on the local community and the environment
  • Ensure the sustainable development of the University in the short, medium and long terms
  • Seek effectiveness, efficiency and value for money in respect of all activities undertaken and services provided
  • Maximise client satisfaction, in respect of facilities and services provided, within available resources and compliance with statutory requirements and codes of good practice
  • Pursue a staff recruitment, training and development programme which improves the skills and working performance standards of its workforce
  • Promote a comprehensive quality management approach for its workforce, embracing change as integral to a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Make campus an inspiring place to be