Cleaner wiping a kitchen table

Residents' Handbook

Cleaning Services

A cleaning service is provided to most accommodation on weekdays.* Your cleaner will assist you in cleaning any shared areas such as corridors, shower rooms and toilets. They will also clean the kitchen floor and wipe surfaces, providing they have been left clear of dishes and food. Please refer to the notice in your kitchen and sections 13.1, 13.2, 17, 22 and 23 of the Terms and Conditions for further information.

Cleaning Supervisors visit kitchens regularly to check that the cleaners are working to a satisfactory standard and to check the general state of your kitchen. If your kitchen is repeatedly found in an unsatisfactory condition, your Accommodation Manager will issue a warning and give you some time to rectify the situation. If the situation doesn’t improve you will be charged for remedial action/specialist cleaning and may also be subject to discipline from the Dean of your College. Any associated costs will be levied collectively as appropriate on those sharing a kitchen.

If you have any queries or concerns about the cleaning service or provision, or any issues with other students not fulfilling their responsibilities, please discuss them with your Accommodation Manager in the first instance.

Your room

We expect you to keep your room clean and vacuum it regularly. A vacuum cleaner is provided in each flat/house. You should check and empty the bag regularly - the Porters keep a stock of replacements - but remember to change it in the kitchen or outside the flat to avoid the dust setting off the fire alarm! If you have an ensuite room, you will need to keep those facilities clean as well.

We will inspect your room from time to time. If it is not in a good condition, you will be advised of any action that you need to take, you may incur a charge and/or your deposit may not be returned in full.

Your kitchen

You, along with the others sharing your kitchen, are jointly responsible for cleaning cookers, microwaves and worktops after use; cleaning and putting away crockery, cutlery and pans after use; arranging with the other residents in the flat for ovens, fridges and freezers to be cleaned and defrosted regularly (at least once per term) and removing any items placed in rubbish and recycling bins. We actively encourage students to recycle as much as possible and have provided facilities to do this in most bin stores. See the notice board in your kitchen for further information.

Rubbish should be placed in the proper bins and not left on the floor of the bin stores. For the safety of yourselves and our staff, please wrap any sharp or broken objects such as broken glass in newspaper before putting them in the rubbish bins. When you leave your room at the end of your contract, you are jointly responsible for removal of all rubbish and for leaving your flat clean and tidy.

Please don’t overfill the rubbish and recycling bins and empty them regularly to avoid them becoming heavy or the bags splitting.

*Note Studios and Family Flats are not serviced, and neither are Graduate College houses or rooftop flats. There is no cleaning provision on University closure days, and the service may be reduced in the event of unexpected staff absence.