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Residents' Handbook

Emergency Management

The University has an Emergency Management Plan which covers a range of unforeseeable scenarios, from power outages and loss of mains water, to major fires and terrorist activity.


In the event of an unforeseen event or emergency affecting the accommodation and/or residents, we will, in the first instance, endeavour to provide information to you via email updates. If this is not possible for any reason – for example if the event happens out of hours, or in the event of a sudden loss of power – information will be posted on large notices in your Porters’ Lodge. The big screen in Alexandra Square is powered independently and will be used to communicate announcements and updates in the event of a campus-wide power outage. The University web pages and Twitter feed are also useful sources of information.

Depending on the nature and scale of the situation, information may be further communicated on the ground by University staff. However, the College Porters will always have access to updated information.

Evacuation procedures

Should we require you to evacuate the accommodation, we will sound the fire alarm, and you should follow evacuation procedures as advertised in your own residence building. If we require you to be moved to an alternative location, officers in attendance (such as Porters, Security, the Accommodation Manager or nominated representatives) will direct you from the advertised muster point.

Following on

Following the incident, and depending on the scale of it, our primary method of communication will remain (or if disrupted, revert to) email. Please do note these procedures and follow them should you need to during your stay.